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The Shift is a cosmic event…….

Love and happiness forever!!!

Diana Maria

By:  OwenK Waters

Humanity is about to ascend into a more subtle physical form. Thiswill  be a gradual change, not a sudden transformation. The start of thenew  Mayan time cycles on December 21, 2012 will be a pivotal time whenconsciousness will shift to a new reality. However, this 2012 event ismore likely to be viewed as a pivotal time after the fact, and notimmediately.

When the astrologically-significant HarmonicConvergence occurred in August 1987, many people expected the world totransform and world peace to dawn on that very day. Human inertia,however, preempts such a sudden change. It takes time for new thought tofilter into the reality of world consciousness, and even more time forevents to unfold as a result of this change.

Two years afterthe  Harmonic Convergence, what did happen was an unprecedented stepforward  in human liberty: The Berlin Wall, that separated the Soviet Unionfrom  the West, fell. Two years after that, the Soviet Union itselfcollapsed, ending the global standoff that had threatened the very survivalof  the human race for over forty years.

The evolution of theconsciousness of humankind has been accelerating. Starting with the  birthof the Renaissance 600 years ago, then accelerating with the  growth ofscience 300 years ago, and coming into focus with the  spiritual searchingthat blossomed in the 1960’s, the mass mind of  humanity has beenmoving ever more quickly towards The Shift.

Although  The Shiftis a gradual process that is occurring over many decades, its  mainmilestone marker will be when the mass consensus of human  consciousnessreaches the tipping point between material,  third-density consciousnessand heart-centered, fourth-density  consciousness. When that happens,physical humankind will become firmly  located in a fourth-densityenvironment.

Pioneering individuals  have been moving theirawareness in and out of fourth-density  consciousness for decades. The keymarker in The Shift is when the mass  mind of humanity reaches thatdividing line and takes the quantum step  forward into its own heart.

In that new reality, along with the  shift into fourth-densityconsciousness, people will notice that the  development of their innersenses has become relatively effortless.  Intuition-supported thought willbecome commonplace. Telepathy between  loved ones will become easy todevelop. Contact with friends and  relatives who have passed on will becomeever more commonplace.

Fourth-density  physical bodies are lessdense than third-density ones. People will  begin to perceive the lightthat radiates from their bodies and other  fourth-density matter. Colorswill take on deeper hues and sounds will  expand in depth, creating a wholenew range of possibilities in the arts. People will consume lighter foodsand more liquids than  before. Everyone will have one job description– to serve humanity in  the best way of which they are capable.

The Shift is a cosmic  event. It is much larger than this planet orthis solar system. It is an  upgrade in energy and consciousness thataffects all of us. The Earth  itself will ‘rise in theheavens’, meaning that, when the time comes for  that decisive stepforward into the New Earth, the soil beneath your  feet will rise invibration into fourth density just as your physical  body will. Humanitywill rise in frequency along with the body of the  planet.

Whenthe time comes, every physical thing around you  will move forward andrelocate into a fourth-density frequency of  manifestation in, as predictedin the Bible, the twinking of an eye.

Those  already existingin fourth density – the spirits of those who have  passed on from thephysical realm – will also move into a higher  sub-layer ofexistence. This is what is meant by the prophecy in the  Bible, that“the dead shall be risen.” Because people inhabiting spiritbodies are already in fourth density, it will be easier to communicatewith them once we move into fourth density, even though we will be in adifferent sub-layer.

Once the mass shift to heart-centeredconsciousness has occurred, humankind will look back at this present eraas something that was very different. Just as you mature and gain  wisdom,you view the past differently from the way you experienced it at  the time.So, too, will we view the Old Reality differently as we gain  wisdom in theNew Reality.

The timing of the main event of The  Shift –the translation of the mass mind of humanity into  heart-centered,fourth-density consciousness is not known. It depends  entirely on how muchthe pioneers of human consciousness – people like  yourself –develop their own heart-centered awareness in order to open  that pathwayin consciousness for more people to follow.

Just as  there arethose who want The Shift to happen soon, there are those who  wish to delayit as much as possible, even though delaying a cosmic  event is not withintheir power. Today, fear is being constantly fed to  the public about thepossibility of terrorist events. Fear delays  conscious evolution andself-empowerment.

As long as there is a  risk of terroristevents, it is common sense to follow any intuitive  warnings that keepcoming to your attention about places to avoid. Your  soul won’t letyou be in the wrong place at the wrong time provided you  listen to thoseintuitive warnings that we all run into at some point in  our lives.

One of our greatest gifts we can offer humankind is  to stay thecourse in our spiritual awakening. Stay the course by  focusing onheart-centered consciousness regardless of events that  conspire to fillpeople with fear. Then, The Shift will happen sooner  rather than later.

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