Back to the Future!!!!

By:  Owen Waters

Each night, as you fall asleep, reinforce your desired reality with additional creative power.

Each night, remember that you are one day closer to the manifestation of the end result which you first envisioned.

Each night, in your imagination, see your future as a pathway that lies ahead of you. Each step that you take along that timeline moves your awareness ahead further into the future.

Start walking. See yourself walking into your future and heading for that desired reality that you have already created. When you reach it, stop.

In your imagination, fully enter that desired reality, just as if it exists in the now. After all, it does exist in your now because you’ve just time-traveled in order to be there.

Once again, tune into that new, desired reality and feel what it is like to be there. Explore the desired situation and make it more real by seeing events that reflect this new reality. Now that your new reality is real, imagine what you are doing that is different compared to the old reality.

Feel the excitement of having your wish fulfilled. See yourself in that role and catch the mood. Moods create realities through the power of your imagination.

Now, here’s where we add the coup de grace…

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