Celebration October 10

Sent: Jimena Yantorno

What are you doing on October-10-10

Yes it is this coming Sunday; this is one of those magical days in history.

10-10-10 is a Stargate, is a number that resonates with the Unity of the Universe. When you focus on it, it amplifies exponentially, so imagine what happens when a lot of us do this at the same time. In this day people around the globe put their attention in becoming One with All that is, in harmony.

So please, do something consciously for humanity on 10-10-10, could be a prayer, meditation, rest, be in contact with nature, with your Higher Self, with your Divine aspect, with people you love and ask for THE AWAKENING OF ALL OF US TOGETHER AS ONE FAMILY.

Blessings to you all. See you in the Spirit Land !!!

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