Expressing Your Higher Faculties

By: Owen K Waters

You are a spiritual being, living in a material world and secretly endowed with infinite intelligence and creative power.

You  only have to look within, to your true being, to connect with spiritual  levels of consciousness. The more familiar you become with these  expanded levels of consciousness, the more potential becomes available  to you for thecreation of a better life and a better world.

There  are two phases in the development of human consciousness, both at the  individual and societal level. First, the material stages  are experienced, then the spiritual stages.

Humanity has devoted  much of the past century to the stage of development that focuses on  the intellect. Today,however, people are migrating in droves to the  next stage of human growth,which is heart-centered consciousness. Once  people become accustomed tothinking with their hearts as well as their  heads, they stand at the gateway of spiritual consciousness.

Spirituality  is thedevelopment of higher consciousness. Spiritual consciousness  begins with heart-centered awareness and the increasing sense that there  is auniversal Spirit of God or an all-pervasive intelligence behind  all things.

We all have an inner connection to the universe and  to the ultimate intelligence which created the universe. With the  emergence of the first spiritual stage of consciousness, we become aware  of that connection. We begin to sense that it is something sacred and,  yet, it is also a part of us. It is a universal yearning for unity with  that from which we originally came. It is a call to begin the journey  back to our ultimate spiritual home.

Spirituality brings deeper  mean ingand fulfillment into people’s lives by opening up the higher faculties that lay dormant during the material stages of consciousness.These higher faculties include insight, empathy, and creativity:


With rapidly-expanding intuitiveinsight, you gain a greater sense of knowing about the true nature of any situation.


You  find yourself developing a sense of connection with all of Creation.  This happens because you are connected within to spiritual realms that  are filled with love, light, and joy.


Higher  creativity is the ability to reshape your reality around a new  intention. Spiritual consciousness is the key to the real power in  creating a new reality. With it, you cancreate a better life and make  the world a better place.

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