February 2, a World Wide Celebration!!!!!

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All around the world, people are celebrating this day of February 2! Down here in Mexico where I currently am, the indigenous Nahuatl people believe that it is a special day. Based on their sacred geometry, mathematical and planetary knowledge, they have calculated that this is the precise day when the sun begins to shine on the arctic circle, melting the snow so the water will snake down through the continent, reaching the fertile lands at the navel of the Americas, in time to nourish the fields by May 17, for the spring plantings.

It is also El Dia de la Candelaria, where in the Mexican villages and cities, every little Jesus doll, which most families own is being dressed in a brand new outfit, often sewn by hand. These dolls are taken into church on Feb 2 for a special benediction by the local priest.

In Bolivia, I have just received notice from our sister, Rosse Mary Vargas that February 2 is very important, especially this year, since it celebrates Mother Nature, or the Copacabana Virgin’s day. Rosse Mary points out that this is the first Ceremony of the New Feminine Cycle in the Andes and at sacred Lake Titicaca since the Shift of 12/21/12. She encourages us all to be connected to this day of ceremony by sending love and gratitude to our Mother, and love and peace to our planet. You can do this by offering white flowers and fruit to the Earth.

In India, every 12 years there is the massive celebration of Kumbha Mela and it is being held being held this February. The history of the event goes back to the time of the Rig Veda. Where the great Rivers Ganga and Yamuna join the invisible Saraswati in the confluence known as the Sangam, great yajas, ancient rites and rituals have been performed for the prosperity and well being of the public since time immemorial. In India, often 60 million people will come to the Kumbh Mela festival to witness these traditional rites and rituals of invocation of the great personalities of Nature and the Sky, and to obtain the resulting blessings of peace and prosperity.

In Ireland and the Celtic lands, February 2 is the time in the natural calendar of the year when we banish the winter and rejoice in the coming of spring and it is known as Imbolc, or St
Brigid’s day. It is also known as Candlemas, the first festival of spring and in America, some call it “Groundhog day”. Imbolc’s name is in recognition of the reawakening of the earth – new beginnings, things yet to be born, and the associated events of spring-time; the earth preparing its buds of new life and herd animals’ wonderfully swollen bellies about to bring forth the year’s offspring. It is not that spring has sprung, it is more the hope that winter is coming to an end. In days gone by at this point in the year, agricultural tools and seeds would be blessed for the promise of a fertile harvest. It was a time of great anticipation and celebration of the possibilities for the year to come.The earth was furrowed and prepared to receive the consecrated seed. Imbolc is a celebration of light. Winter is dying away, and the fire of the sun grows stronger. In times past, people would jump bonfires at Imbolc to be cured of their winter colds and aliments.

It seems apparent that if so many different cultures independently recognize February 2 as a special time for ceremony, meditation, and ritual that it must truly be a day of significance. We encourage you to take a bit of time on this day to consider what it means for you. Many Blessings, Lee Cook and Tina Wood

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