Protective Self-Healing

By:  Owen Waters

You have the power to protect yourself from radiation hazards and all types of epidemics.
You can attract universal life energy and direct it within yourself to any part of your body which needs support in order to heal itself.

However, with the current threat of possible radiation poisoning, a change to the standard procedure is suggested. Author Tom Kenyon has just released a self-healing technique where the person charges water and then drinks the water over the next few hours. This prolongs the protective effect of the self-healing energy and is therefore applicable to conditions of environmental poisoning and also epidemics.

Here’s a simple version of the self-healing technique that I learned from the fully-enlightened Yoga Master George King in the 1970’s.

Basic Self-Healing

Sit upright with your eyes closed and breathe, as far as is possible, through both nostrils. Visualize a white light coming down from far above the head. See the light of this universal life energy filling the brain and then direct it into the heart chakra, which is an energy center outside of the body, just in front of the breast bone.

See the heart chakra being filled with vibrant white light on each inbreath. Then, on each outbreath, direct the white light through the arms and out of the chakras in the palms of each hand. The palms should be positioned, as much as is possible, on each side of the part of your body that needs a focus of energy. If this is not possible, then direct the light instead to where it is needed, or simply see it filling your whole body.

Prolonged Protection

To modify this technique to use water as a carrier medium to extend the protection of this universal life energy, charge a glass or container of water by holding it between the palms of the hands. The container must be glass because plastic is an insulator which will block the flow of universal life energy. Metal containers are also unsuitable as the metal will retain the energy instead of the water.

Performance Factors

The more inbreaths and outbreaths you take to charge the water, the more energy it will receive.

The more intensely you visualize the white light of universal energy being drawn into your body, the more energy you will attract.

The higher your mind reaches into the spiritual realm of your soul, the more powerful will be the energy that you attract. Higher frequency equals higher power. To do this, tune into your soul consciousness or ‘higher self’ and invoke the power of spiritual love by giving gratitude to the Creator for life, to the Sun for energy, and to the Earth for our home in space. Love is a magnetic force that generates solid protection.

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