Spiritual Transformation!!!

By: Owen Waters

It’s springtime in Florida and now is the time to create positive change in your body, mind and spirit.

2011 is the year when a huge doorway opens for positive transformation. It’s a time when you can make a better soul connection than ever before, so prepare to live life to the fullest with an awakened heart and an inspired mind!

In this 1-day Spiritual Transformation seminar, you will learn new ways to realize your true potential and access your hidden resources of inspiration, love and creativity. We will uncover the secrets of universal life energy and how you can attract more of it for vibrant health, vital magnetism and spiritual self-empowerment.

Just one of the new techniques that we will release in this seminar will connect you intimately with your true, inner being.

Join Owen Waters and Dreama Vance and learn powerful new techniques of positive transformation for mind, body and spirit.

Spiritual Transformation Seminar
Fort Lauderdale Airport Hilton, Florida
Saturday February 26th, 2011
9:30am – 4:30pm


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