The 6 Steps to Making the Perfect Apology

But is he really? IMAGE: Getty Images. Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek. How good are you at contrition? As good as you are at, say, passing the buck or managing up? Knowing how to apologize is an art. It’s inevitable, then, that scientists thought they’d try to define it. Researchers at Ohio State University came up with six elements that you should include to ensure that your apology is satisfying.

To the person you’ve wronged, you understand.

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Analisis de la Espiritualidad

Doctor Fabrizio Mancini, su libro habla de autosanación, ¿a qué se refiere? Primero, la salud es algo que viene de adentro para afuera, no de afuera para adentro. Segundo, las personas hoy estamos sufriendo enfermedades crónicas frente a las cuales la medicina tradicional no nos da la solución. En los últimos 25 años, la ciencia ha comenzado a ayudarnos a sanar físicamente, emocionalmente y espiritualmente.

Pero, ¿cómo se logra?


Lo primero es buscar la causa de tu problema de salud. Hoy día, notamos que la causa de los problemas no es solo física. Puede ser lo que estamos comiendo o que no estamos haciendo suficiente ejercicio.

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When Painting and Plant Medicine Join Forces

Robert Ryan, Electric Tattoo, Asbury Park, NJ. Image courtesy of the artist. For nearly 20 years, Robert Ryan has been creating paintings and tattoos depicting sacred geometry, religious imagery, and symbolism. His practice involves allowing the expansive capabilities of his mind to guide him. “I had always viewed painting as a sacred practice,” Ryan tells The Creators Project. “An occult thread seemed to be present through many different styles and movements in art. Symbolism always spoke to me as I became more symbol literate the more the subject matter began to flower.”

With strong metaphysical, spiritual, and otherworldly connections in his work, it’s apparent that he strives for a higher plane of consciousness. “Esoteric Christianity and Hindu art both Vedic and Tantric have a huge impact on me visually. As I became a practitioner of Sanatan Dharma those aesthetics merged with what I was doing in the tattoo craft,” Ryan explains.

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