How to Let Go of Your Ego

Get in Touch with Your True Self. For you to let go of your ego you need a time with your innate self, a moment of seclusion and intimacy. You will feel it when you have suspended yourself into the ambiance of serenity and tranquil. This can be achieved by meditating, which allows you to separate the illusion of life with singularity of your true self.

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Paz Interior

No podemos permitir que el caos, las amenazas, las actitudes desenfrenadas, los malos sentimientos, las palabras inapropiadas, los mensajes y los juicios amarillistas, las controversiales decisiones, el dramaaaaaa y massssss afecte nuestras vidas espirituales y nuestra paz interior, por que perderíamos todo aquello por lo que hemos luchado y hemos creído, nuestra verdad.

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The Art of How to Love

That’s what That’s what legendary Vietnamese Zen Buddhist monk, teacher, and peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh explores in How to Love (public library) — a collection of his wise insights on the most complex and most rewarding human potentiality. Thich Nhat Hanh says the key lies in understanding our own suffering:

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La Meditacion

Un estudio en la revista Mindfulness siguió a 229 participantes durante 8 meses mientras aprendían y practicaban la meditación por primera vez. En términos generales, los participantes se sintieron con más energía y más concentrados después de la meditación pero apreciaron diferentes efectos específicos según el tipo de la misma:

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The Miraculous Nature Of Thought

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” – Albert Einstein

What I see now after attending the latest Pransky and Associates Professional Training is that the human experience is to go in and out of our thought system. That is a dance that is part of the natural design. As Teilhard de Chardin says, “We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

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Amorosos Regalos

Recibiendo cada día hermosos regalos de amor!!!!! Ayer por ejemplo descubrí que la compasión crece día a día en mi corazón espiritual, estoy tan feliz al ver este gran cambio en mi vida que tenia que describirlo, tenia que darle la importancia que se merece!!!! Después de muchos años de haberme liberado de la Violencia e Intolerancia pues me quería AFECTAR, pero esta vez fue mi corazón espiritual el que la tomo e impidió que me afectara negativamente y mas bien me dio el mas grande regalo de AMOR y COMPASION!!!!

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Kindness and Compassion

Guido Dingemans, de eindredactie via getty images. A Buddhist monk with his prayer chain. Richard Davidson had been studying the brain for more than a decade when he was asked a question that quite literally changed his life. “Why have you been using the tools of modern neuroscience just to study anxiety and stress and fear and depression?” Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama, asked the neuroscientist in 1992. “Why can’t you use those same tools to study kindness and compassion?”

The question, which Davidson described as “a total wake-up call,”

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The 6 Steps to Making the Perfect Apology

But is he really? IMAGE: Getty Images. Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek. How good are you at contrition? As good as you are at, say, passing the buck or managing up? Knowing how to apologize is an art. It’s inevitable, then, that scientists thought they’d try to define it. Researchers at Ohio State University came up with six elements that you should include to ensure that your apology is satisfying.

To the person you’ve wronged, you understand.

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Analisis de la Espiritualidad

Doctor Fabrizio Mancini, su libro habla de autosanación, ¿a qué se refiere? Primero, la salud es algo que viene de adentro para afuera, no de afuera para adentro. Segundo, las personas hoy estamos sufriendo enfermedades crónicas frente a las cuales la medicina tradicional no nos da la solución. En los últimos 25 años, la ciencia ha comenzado a ayudarnos a sanar físicamente, emocionalmente y espiritualmente.

Pero, ¿cómo se logra?


Lo primero es buscar la causa de tu problema de salud. Hoy día, notamos que la causa de los problemas no es solo física. Puede ser lo que estamos comiendo o que no estamos haciendo suficiente ejercicio.

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When Painting and Plant Medicine Join Forces

Robert Ryan, Electric Tattoo, Asbury Park, NJ. Image courtesy of the artist. For nearly 20 years, Robert Ryan has been creating paintings and tattoos depicting sacred geometry, religious imagery, and symbolism. His practice involves allowing the expansive capabilities of his mind to guide him. “I had always viewed painting as a sacred practice,” Ryan tells The Creators Project. “An occult thread seemed to be present through many different styles and movements in art. Symbolism always spoke to me as I became more symbol literate the more the subject matter began to flower.”

With strong metaphysical, spiritual, and otherworldly connections in his work, it’s apparent that he strives for a higher plane of consciousness. “Esoteric Christianity and Hindu art both Vedic and Tantric have a huge impact on me visually. As I became a practitioner of Sanatan Dharma those aesthetics merged with what I was doing in the tattoo craft,” Ryan explains.

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