The End of the World

By: Owen K Waters

When you practice viewing the future, one thing you might noticeis that, a few years from now, everything goes blank as though the worldhas disappeared! Whoops, where did the world go?

This happenswhen you are tracking forward along the frequency of the world we nowinhabit. But, the world is about to change. All matter is about to gothrough a quantum leap in frequency and ascend into a new, more subtlephysical existence. It is an energy shift which has been building forcenturies and we’re getting close to where that sudden leap into thenew frequency band will happen. The fast rate of change that we experiencein life today is indicative of just how close we are to the critical pointwhere the quantum shift will occur.

The quantum shift is aneffect of a major cosmic influence which extends far beyond the planet andeven the solar system. We chose to be born in these times because we wantto go along for the greatest ride in the history of the human experience onEarth.

The world is about to change, as is the entire solarsystem. All matter, including your physical body, will become more subtleand more energetically refined.

One day, you will wake up to aworld that is different. After this quantum shift, your intuitive facultieswill become much clearer. Telepathy between loved ones will become easy todevelop. Mental contact with friends and relatives who have passed on willbecome ever more commonplace.

People will begin to perceive thesubtle light that radiates from their bodies and other matter. The sky willseem to be full of vibrant life energy. Colors will take on deeper hues andsounds will expand in depth, creating a whole new range of possibilities inmusic and the arts. People will consume lighter foods and more liquids thanbefore. Eventually, everyone will have one job description – to servehumanity in the best way of which they are capable.

After all,from a soul perspective, we are here primarily to help one another.

The best news is that the new frequency of the Earth will be of thesame frequency as heart-centered human consciousness. Imagine, peacebreaking out all over the world!

One day, the world as we knowit will end as it moves into the new frequency band. There has been muchspeculation that the ending of several cosmic cycles in 2012 will activatethat quantum leap. I see it taking several years after 2012, under theinfluence of the new cosmic cycles, for the cosmic time to be right for thebig shift.

Even if you were to pass on to the spirit realmsbefore The Shift, you will still be a part of this all-inclusive cosmicevent. The spirit realms will move up in frequency at the same time.Technically, their departure from their current vibrational position willactually create the vibrational slot that the physical world will moveinto.

Today, we refer to The Shift as an ongoing accelerationtowards quantum change, and something that has been taking many years. Thebig event, however, will be the instantaneous transformation of matter intoa higher frequency. In the future, The Shift will refer to that onebeautiful event: The day the Earth became new again.

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