The Power of Understanding

By: Owen Waters

Spiritual consciousness comes a lot easier when you understand spiritual principles and can, therefore, tune into the spiritual realms of consciousness.
Over the last century, the world has experienced a challenge of faith in the Creator and subsequently in religions which have not adapted to the new awareness. Telescopes have expanded our perception of the size of the universe into something so vast that we are challenged to understand how humans on tiny planet Earth can have any significance in such a grand scheme of things.

And yet, within us all, lies a direct connection to the Creator of all the universe. We need an expanded understanding of God as Infinite Being and of ourselves as the eyes and ears of Infinite Being, as we work through a wide variety of experiences in physical form. We need to understand that, by our spiritual nature, we have powers within us that exist because of our divine heritage.

Infinite Being has infinite understanding, infinite love, and the power to create any reality that can be imagined. And, when we turn our attention to our inner selves, so do we!

The idea that we are powerless to make the world a better place is an illusion. When you turn away from the illusion and look within, you are reminded that you can create a better reality and you can make the world a better place.

When you understand spiritual principles, you have the information and the techniques to achieve such positive transformation.

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