Emergency Action

The Centers for Disease Control agency now advises, “Prepare for your life to be disrupted by a pandemic.”

I am reminded of Shakespeare’s quote, “There is a tide in the affairs of men, which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.” The same can be said of your karmic pattern.

Once in a while, an opportunity arises in your lifetime to make a huge difference in a crisis at the time that it threatens humanity.

When you take part in healing prayers or world healing energy work at a time such as this, you gain what my primary teacher called “a golden thread in your karmic pattern.” This strand of highly positive energy magnetizes your path through life in a highly positive manner… and it lasts forever!

The Coronavirus epidemic will be curtailed when a sufficient amount of healing energy has been applied to its global energy field. When this happens, it will mutate into a more benign form and the current emergency will fade away into history.

The question is, will you become an active part of this transformation?

Will you step forward to be a part of the world healing and transformation of this lethal threat to humanity right now, while the opportunity exists to make a huge difference?

Make no mistake about how world healing actually works. Wishful thinking and right intention are just the beginning. Action, backed by actual spiritual energy output, is the vital agent of transformation.

Without active energy work, without volumes of light being added to the global mind atmosphere, nothing is achieved!

You can send out positive energy to change the situation. You CAN heal the world, you can make it a better place, and, at the same time, make rapid advances in your own spiritual growth – now and forever – helped by that positive and permanent golden thread in your karmic pattern.

I would like to share with you a world healing technique that I learned all the way back in 1972 from that same teacher. I have never yet found a more powerful or effective method:

By: Owen Waters

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